Course Instructor

Dr. Erika Kancler

Capstone Semester

Spring 2016

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Objective: To compare fecal transplant and vancomycin in the treatment of recurrent clostridium difficile to determine which has the higher cure rate. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Pubmed, Google Scholar, and TRIP database using the search terms “recurrent clostridium difficile.” Filters were implemented in the Pubmed database including: randomized control trials, English, and published in the past 5 years. Records were screened for RCT with fecal transplant and full-text. Results: van Nood et al. revealed an initial cure rate of 81% for the infusion group, and a re-treated cure rate of 94%, compared to the vancomycin alone group of 31% cure rate and the vancomycin plus bowel lavage group of 23% cure rate. Cammarota et al. determined an initial cure rate of 65% for the infusion group, and a re-treated cure rate of 90%, compared to the vancomycin only group of 26% cure rate. Conclusion: An initial abbreviated dose of vancomycin at the start of fecal transplant has a significantly higher cure rate in treating recurrent clostridium difficile infections when compared to standard vancomycin therapy.