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Research Experience for Undergraduates: JMU Chemistry's NSF funded Research Summer Program for deaf and hard of hearing students


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at JMU hosts an REU site that integrates Deaf, hearing and sign language interpreting students in chemical research. Participants include students and faculty from JMU and outside institutions that serve Deaf students or institutions that do not have extensive research infrastructure. JMU faculty members provide research opportunities in all major sub-disciplines of chemistry. In addition, students participate in a series of professional development activities aimed at enhancing effective science communication with other chemists, scientists in other disciplines, the public and those with communication disorders.

During the 2019 REU, our students were challenged to develop an "elevator pitch" to describe their research. Students and faculty voted on the videos. The winners are posted below and they are not only great pitches, but they are a testament to the breadth of research done at our REU.

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