Black people often are confused for niggas and cloak themselves as niggas and with niggas in order to cash out or monetize nigga relationality for civil and human gains. But this is how the world knows and loves its niggas; being controlled and circulated with what is thought and felt about niggas, without said niggas, as an act of respectability politics. Hence, this is an Afropessimist discussion about how civility and human politics writ large extract and liquidate niggas everywhere for everybody that seeks to intervene and talk to niggas about how they move in an anti-Black world. Put niggaishly, this is a conversation about niggas to niggas from niggas, about trying and dying, and peeping the foot of work for niggas whose season is the reasons, that we’re here (in your Earth, Wind and Fire voice) so that its lil’ reason and not Reason with a cape on it that niggas reason they worlds with. And thus, niggatry is a conversation with niggas about niggas doing niggaish things, if not nigga-rigging they relative moments to alter nearby anti-Black futures for relative nigga futures.



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