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An Exploration of Undergraduate Senior Students’ Expectations and Experiences of Academic Advising

Denise Miller

Distractor Analysis: A Comparison of CTT and IRT

Kathryn Thompson

Examining the effect of interstitial space on Eastern oysters using photogrammetry

Bailie Lavan, James Madison University

Extreme responses: Impacts and interventions

Nikole Gregg
Brian C. Leventhal, James Madison University

Factors and Considerations for Change at James Madison University

Robert P. Zaepfel Jr., James Madison University

Improving Learning Improvement: Sustaining Efforts through Kotter's Change Model

Caroline Prendergast, James Madison University

Putting Students in Their Places: Application of Transitional Diagnostic Classification Model in Higher Education Assessment

Chi Hang Au

Sonography certification examinations: the influence of clinical education and practice tests after controlling for self-selection bias

Briana Craig

Test emotions, value, and self-efficacy: A longitudinal model predicting examinee effort and performance on low-stakes test

Paulius J. Satkus

The Impacts of Chronic Illness In Adolescents

Rebecca Seymour

The Use of Behavior Skills Training and Behaviorally Based Interventions in Memory Care

Claire Gallagher
Daniel D. Holt, James Madison University
Trevor Stokes, James Madison University
Tracy Zinn, James Madison University

Trauma Informed Care: A Framework for Understanding and Addressing Trauma and Its Impact on Athletes

Elizabeth Holthaus
Christian D. Haase, James Madison University