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An Exploration of Brass Pedagogical Practices in Beginning Band

Tiffany Sitton

Bullying Prevention in Preschoolers: Mindfulness-Based Interventions Effect on Emotion Regulation

Elizabeth Hoehner
Jessica Mitchell
Carl Lucas

Differential Item Functioning Analysis on the NIH Toolbox Picture Vocabulary Test in Black and White Participants

Jaylin Nesbitt, James Madison University
Deborah Bandalos Ph.D., James Madison University
Bernice Marcopulos Ph.D., James Madison University
John Lucas Ph.D., Mayo Clinic

Financial Literacy and First-Generation College Students: Set for Success or Fated to Fail?

Jessica Hopkins

Land use change in an agriculturally impaired sub-watershed of the Chesapeake Bay

Julia Portmann

Magnitude estimates of angular motion: Perception of speed and displacement across vestibular and visual modalities

Erin Hernon B.S.Ed., James Madison University
Daniel J. Romero Au.D., James Madison University
Lincoln Gray Ph.D., James Madison University
Erin G. Piker Au.D., Ph.D., James Madison University

Occupational influence on sense of self through engagement in Dance for PD

Alyssa Donahue
Rachel Melvin
Taylor Blenden
Patrick Calan Pillow
Rachelle Dorne

Overcoming Barriers: Project Inspire

Hannah Henry, James Madison University
Britney Terry, James Madison University
Cole Flora, James Madison University

Physical Activity in a University Community Before and After a COVID-19 Shutdown

Brynn Hudgins

Role of EMG Monitoring on cVEMP Testing in Preschool Aged Children

Brenna Murray

The Effect of Antidepressants on Circadian Rhythms and Cognitive Performance

Gabriel Gilmore

The Effect of Temporal Discounting on Mock Plea Bargain Decision Making

Anisha Patel

Using Eye Gaze Preference Assessments to Identify Preferred Items: A Systematic Review

Colleen Fowkes, James Madison University
Benjamin Riden, James Madison University
Sara Snyder, James Madison University
Anastasia Yuschak, James Madison University

Virtual Instruction and Teacher Sense of Efficacy

Kelly O'Baugh