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"A Tweet is a Genre?": Developing Students' Genre Awareness through the Genre-Translation Project

Arta Sejdiu

Amplitude-modulated-cVEMP: A novel method to assess vestibular functioning in aging population

Raghav Jha
Christopher G. Clinard
Kerry lawlor
Erin G. Piker

Animal-Assisted Activities with Alpacas May Facilitate a Reduction in Anxiety-Related Symptoms Among College Students

Sarah Bonanno, James Madison University
Emily Burr, James Madison University
Natalie Vogel, James Madison University

Do Different Racial/Ethnic Groups Perform Differently on Wellness Assessments? An Application of a Diagnostic Cognitive Model to Inform JMU's General Education Curriculum

Sarah Hammami

Emergency Management at Institutions of Higher Learning (Colleges and Universities): A Semester Evaluation Study of University Administrators, Faculty, Staff and Students perception on Campus Safety Emergency Management Operation Plan (EOP)

Mark Young

Evaluating halo effect in performance assessments: A Rasch measurement model simulation study

Yelisey Shapovalov

Identifying Key Stream Restoration Variables in an Agriculturally Impaired Chesapeake Bay Watershed

Julia Portmann

International Student Graduate Life at JMU

Mohamed Serry

Modeling species distribution versus habitat suitability: A case study on red spruce (Picea rubens)

Christian Brown

Pilfering passerines? Inter-Class Competition: A New Direction in Foraging Ecology, Shenandoah Valley, VA

Shannon Gillen

The aim of this study is to develop a theory about how virtual DfPD class influences development of sense of self.

Katelyn Dean Gardner, James Madison University
Kaitlyn Marie Johnson, James Madison University
Alexys Faithe Taylor, James Madison University
Carlo Dominic Zoleta Lumicao, James Madison University
Emily Marie Bloom, James Madison University
Marie Therese McNary, James Madison University
Cassandra Marie Hunter, James Madison University

The Ecophysiology of Microcystis aeruginosa in response to IAA and Tryptophan

Hunter R. Baylous, James Madison University

The Educational Video Rubric: Design, Data Collection, and Implementation

John Lee

The Exploration of Alpaca Assisted Activity and Trait Emotional Intelligence on Stress: A Pilot Study

Caitlyn Watkinson
Chris Damerel
Britta King
Alee Halsey

The Impact of COVID-19 on Para-Athletes: A Case Study on Motivation and Psychological Training for the 2020 Paralympic Games

Irina Perfilova

The Influence of Alpaca Assisted Activities on Individuals with a Dual Diagnosis of Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rachel Stone
Mariah Denlinger

The Question Behavior Effect: Increasing Test-Taking Motivation at a Low Cost

Mara McFadden
Sara J. Finney, James Madison University

The Role of Funnel Items on Response Styles

Stephanie LeRoy