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DDAS, training, deminer


The database provides real-world examples that can be used as training aids. This will often reinforce what is considered to be common sense. Be aware that the database records prove (beyond reasonable doubt) that some commonsense wisdom is incorrect.

For example, it is a myth that the most dangerous time for deminers is shortly after their initial training. On the contrary, there is some evidence to suggest that deminers actually become more likely to have an accident the longer they work as a deminer.

Hand tool design criteria.pdf (61 kB)

metaldetectorsetup.pdf (270 kB)
Metal-detector setup

metaldetectorsearch.pdf (459 kB)
Metal-detector search

investigate reading.pdf (350 kB)
Investigating a metal-detector reading

Mine blast webpage.pdf (245 kB)
AP blast mine detonation

Comment working prone.pdf (90 kB)
Working prone

Mines PMN.pdf (70 kB)
PMN mine

Pick-prod.pdf (67 kB)

The AVS.pdf (67 kB)
Thin "needle-prod"

demining trowel.pdf (87 kB)
Long-handled trowel

Manual demining tools.pdf (62 kB)

demining brush.pdf (102 kB)
Long-handled brush

Mines GYATA 64.pdf (51 kB)
Mines GYATA 64

Mines Type 72 AP.pdf (108 kB)
Type 72 AP Mine



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