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Evaluation of Dutch Support to Danish Demining Group (DDG) in Afghanistan, Somaliland and Sudan

Vera Bohle, GICHD
Mohamed Ayan Handulle


On 31 August 2007 the Netherlands Government (NG) decided to fund the Danish Demining Group (DDG) mine action activities in Somaliland, Sudan and Afghanistan. The agreement runs from January 2008 to December 2011 and NG and DDG had preliminary discussions on the continuation of the project. The NG Decision of 31 August 2007 foresees an external evaluation initiated by the grant recipient.

The purpose of this evaluation is two-fold: (1) to evaluate progress towards objectives, thus contributing to improving the programme through documenting lessons learned and providing recommendations; and (2) to evaluate and inform NG and DDG on project relevance, and give recommendations regarding a continuation of the project.

The specific objectives of the evaluation are to ascertain results (outputs and outcomes) and assess the efficiency, effectiveness and relevance of the following projects:

1. Survey, Explosive Ordinance Disposal and Mine Risk Education, in Southern Sudan

2. Mechanical Support to Mine Action in Afghanistan', in Afghanistan

3. Support to Ammunition Disposal & Community Liaison/Education Teams in Somaliland

The evaluation of the Sudan project was a desk review, based largely on an evaluation of DDG operations conducted earlier in 2010 by the GICHD on behalf of DDG and Sida. The evaluations in both Afghanistan and Somaliland entailed field missions.