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Winter 1-2006


ERW Clearance, NPA, Norwegian People's Aid, Angola, Land Rights, Mine Action, Jan Isaksen, Ingrid Samset


This report reviews how the "Programme of Norwegian People's Aid" has adapted to reach the objectives it has set for its work for the period from 2004 to 2007. The strategy for 2004-2007 focuses on land and resource rights and democratic rights and participation, and is organised within two programmes, mine action (85% of resources) and development (15%).

The evaluation focuses on two different programme areas:

The Mine Action Programme: The programme was established in 1995 and specialises in demining and surveying. The period reviewed has been successful on several counts: the number of square metres cleared per year has increased dramatically, cost efficiency has improved, and efforts to achieve socio-economic objectives have been strengthened through the use of aid money. Yet a number of improvements could be made like: making better use of information collected in the Task Impact Assessments (TIA) process, by improving TIA questionnaires and using narrative data for statistical analysis, include women in TIA survey teams, let TIA teams collect data on women's versus men's perceptions and needs.

The Development Programme: The programme works in the three provinces and runs activities within land and resources rights, democratic rights and participation, and in relation to building the capacities of partner organisations. With regard to activities on land and resources rights, the programme is well on track towards reaching its aims regarding agricultural development. More effort is needed, however, to reach aims related to land rights and community self-organisation and empowerment.



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