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Spring 5-2001


Centers and Organizations, Cambodia, Strategic Planning, Organization, Management, Mine Action, Vietnam War, Eric Filippino, Mark Yarmoshuk


After discussion with the German Government the terms of reference were decided to be the following: The evaluation team was to evaluate the German Project Coordination pilot project in Cambodia. The GPC Project is a staff development project in which Cambodian staff are to be trained in various information and TM disciplines. The IM people are intended to fit into an information cell that manages a “National Integrated Database” held and managed by CMAA. The TM personnel, who will eventually serve as part of an overall QA/QC system will ostensibly also fit into a CMAA cell of some type. It is of great importance to note that neither of these two structures, or for that matter any operational structures of the CMAA actually exist yet. The project breaks down into two major areas Terrain Management and Information Management.



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