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Centers and Organizations, Norwegian People's Aid, NPA, Weapons, Advocacy and International Law


As a field-based organization working in conflict areas and specializing in operations that address weapons and ammunition, NPA has proven that it is well placed to contribute to processes to develop and strengthen international policies, rules, and norms to better protect civilians and the environment from unacceptable harm. Building on the experience of our contributions to the global movements that successfully banned antipersonnel mines and cluster munitions, NPA will continue to have a strong voice on other unresolved or emerging weapons-related issues that call for an international response.

Some of the weapons issues for which an NPA policy is set out in this document are threats that NPA works to address on a daily basis through our operations and advocacy. Others are issues where NPA currently is involved to a lesser or less continuous degree; where we stand ready to act if the weapons in question are used in an area where we implement operations; or where we only support the efforts of other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) but have found it beneficial to clearly formulate NPA’s views. Additional issues of concern other than those mentioned in this document may be taken up where a pressing need is identified and where NPA can make a difference.

On the basis of this policy, the collective advocacy efforts of NPA’s head office and our external offices will be tailored to promote greater understanding of specific weapons-related challenges and concrete steps that can be taken to address them, and to influence policy and practice within the UN and other institutions and ultimately within states.



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