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ERW Clearance, Multi-tool, Excavator, Mine Clearance, Sifting, Shredding, HALO, MAG, HD R&D


Providing reach-in capability for safe operations with manned equipment, Multi-Tooled Excavators offer highly flexible platforms from which operators can conduct ground preparation and specialized mine clearing processes. The combination of tools for sifting, shredding, and combined function excavation and sifting, is tailored to suit local conditions and demining requirements. The attachments can be fitted to the demining organization`s own armored excavator. Distribution Statement A: Approved for public release.

HD11_Multitool.mp4 (3609 kB)
Multi-tool Excavator Video

MultiToolExcavator_FS-10Apr2020.pdf (3679 kB)
Multi-tool Excavator Fact Sheet



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