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ERW Clearance, Landmines, Explosive Ordnance, Small Arms, Light Weapons, Technical Threat Reduction, GETI, Mine Action Information Center, MAIC, Center for International Stabilization and Recovery, CISR, JMU, James Madison University, PM/WRA, State Department, Department of State


The Global Education and Training Initiatives Directory has been created through the generous funding of the U.S. Department of State, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA).

The Global Education and Training Initiatives Directory represents a first effort to document the collective training and education opportunities that span a range of technical activities within mine action, explosive ordnance disposal and small arms/light weapons control and destruction. Efforts to counter the threats of landmines, unexploded ordnance and small arms/light weapons have traditionally been treated as separate entities; however, this directory is an effort to bring them together.

Training and education opportunities included in the GETI Directory were volunteered by organizations that identified their courses as being associated with some aspect of the following activities:

      • Landmine or explosive ordnance detection, clearance, handling, storage, destruction or disposal
      • Small arms/light weapons control, storage, destruction or mitigation
      • Weapons prevention, security or abatement
      • Other training courses related to management of mines, ERW or SA/LW

The goal of the GETI Directory is to provide information on technical training and education within these different groups, and also to encourage synergy between mine action, explosive ordnance disposal and SA/LW control as information is available about training and education options among the oft-similar, but typically separated, efforts related to mines, UXO and SA/LW.

It is hoped that opportunities for collaboration, regional cooperation, and exchange of ideas and training may be furthered in the future between these entities. This Directory is one effort to encourage communication and awareness between groups working toward abatement of explosive threats.



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