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DDAS, 2010, Afghanistan, other, AP


According to the investigation reports, the accident occurred on 05 July at 10:00 during the break time of the team. The deminer [the Victim] left his clearance lane after the break started, and walked ahead around 100 meters towards the mountain top, where the boundary lane of Task # 0033 was located. He was carrying a saw and wanted to cut a shovel or axe handle there from the trees. But the area was mined and he knew about that. Around one metre away from the boundary lane of MF 0033, he started to cut a shovel or axe handle, but stepped on a mine and caused it to explode and cut his foot from the ankle joint. This explosion threw the deminer around one meter away on the other mine, the second mine also exploded and caused severe injuries to the hip joint and abdomen of deminer, so he lost his life in the spot. The deminer had left his PPE and visor in his clearance lane and without informing the command group he left his clearance lane and entered into hazard area.



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