In 2007, the Fria Society for Mine Action Professionals published the inaugural issue of Fria, The Kurdish Mine Action Magazine. Founded in 2006, the FSMAP, a nongovernmental, nonprofit group based in Iraqi Kurdistan, began publishing the magazine out of a desire to improve training, education, and information-sharing among Kurdistan’s mine-action professionals. According to the magazine’s publisher and FSMAP Director, Jamal J. Hussein, the magazine “is the single mine-action magazine that publishes mine-action news and issues related to mine action in (the) Kurdish language in the region.” The magazine’s staff is comprised of a core group of FSMAP-affiliated mine-action professionals, including Editor-in-chief Gaylan K. Anwer. The magazine is currently circulated free of charge among 500–650 FSMAP members as well as members of the Kurdish government and mine-action professionals throughout Iraq.



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