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Gomel, Minsk, the capital, and the most heavily mined area, Vitebsk. Many of the officials in Belarus are trying to educate the people and show them the proper way to handle a mine if encountered and more importantly, what not to do. Two non-governmental organizations, the Belarus Support Center for Associations and Foundations (SCAF), and the Belarus Campaign to Ban Land mines (BCBL), are working with the Belarussian government to help promote safety and build solid support centers for the victims of land mines. SCAF, established in 1996, strives to develop the culture and society of Belarus by supporting other NGO initiatives such as the BCBL. Founded in 1998, BCBL supports the public education of all locals on how to deal with landmines and UXO when discovered. Despite government help and education, it is speculated that Belarus may make landmines and place them within their own boundaries as well as ship them elsewhere. Against this charge, the Ministry of Defense stated that Belarus had neither produced nor ever will produce any type of landmine.



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