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Ukraine has been struggling for its independence from several countries that have tried to consume it and minimize its boundaries. The Bolshevik Revolution prompted the Russian Ukrainians to establish a new republic in 1917 while the Austrian Ukraine waited until a year later to establish their connection with the Russian Ukraine. Ukraine was excluded from much of the decision making during the closing of World War I and Poland was given the land they wished for, Galicia, in 1919. This single act sparked war once again. The war continued as the country itself was thrown into internal turmoil and change and the Ukrainian Communists split into the another faction, the Ukrainian SSR, who later joined with the Soviet Union. Ukrainian nationalism grew as the struggle for independence persisted and the fight for a Greater Ukraine fanned the flame of war. In December 1991, Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union, founded its own constitution and began to rebuild its nationalism and independence once more.



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