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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Craig Shealy

A. Renee Staton

Lee Sternberger


This study is an exploratory applied research project piloting a therapeutic assessment model and method for addressing racial trauma. Therapeutic Assessment for the Psychological Impact of Racial Encounters (TAPIRE) hopes to illuminate the impact of racial trauma, process racial identity and experience, and explore effective intervention techniques to address a client’s particular relationship with racial identity and distress. Four measures, in addition to a clinical interview, were used to assess different aspects of one’s identity structure, racist experiences, and self-treatment. The four-session process concluded with each participant receiving an assessment report that included information gathered as well as an individualized recommendation section that matched their needs and experiences of racial trauma with an appropriate racial trauma therapy framework. The ultimate goal was to emphasize the need to assess racial injury when conceptualizing the developmental and life factors that may be impacting a client’s distress and gain a better understanding of how then to address racial injury in a therapeutic setting. This study summarizes the TAPIRE process and provides narrative from each participant regarding the efficacy of the assessment. Data collected from participant feedback highlighted how therapeutic assessment can help clients gain more insight into the impact of their lived experiences as people of color and also will be used to refine this race-based model and method through future research and practice.



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