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One of the hallmarks of a trumpet player’s performing experience is the thrill of playing solo works for trumpet and piano. Many of the works for solo trumpet and piano regularly performed today have long been considered canonical, and given the history of the trumpet, tend to be European in origin, and representative of past compositional trends and pedagogical approaches. Numerous players seek out works written by newer composers to include on solo recitals and juries. However, this is often a difficult endeavor to undertake, as the majority of existing trumpet repertoire databases and search engines contain older works. The purpose of this project was to create an online, searchable database of compositions written for trumpet and piano by living American composers. The site,, was created as a resource for trumpet players of all ages and ability levels, as well as music educators, to serve as a guide for choosing appropriate repertoire.

The trumpet-rep database can be searched by composer’s name and gender, composition title, range, and number of movements. Other search categories such as the technical challenges/requirements, additional equipment needed, duration of the work, and links to supplementary information for each work are also provided with the search results. Currently, the database includes more than 90 compositions written by 36 composers. This project is ongoing, and works will continue to be added to the database beyond completion of this document.

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