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Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Gregg Henriques

Kenneth Critchfield

A. Renee Staton


Henriques has developed a “Unified Theory” that consists of eight key ideas he argues can effectively frame both the science of psychology and the practice of psychotherapy. CALM-MO, the eighth of these ideas, offers an integrative, principled approach to psychological mindfulness. CALM-MO is an acronym that encapsulates the process of cultivating a “calm” meta-cognitive observer that embodies the attitudes of curiosity, acceptance, loving compassion, and motivation toward valued states of being. Henriques posits that the idea consolidates key elements from across the various schools of thought to bring together essential therapeutic principles geared toward seeking and maintaining well-being. As such, it potentially affords the field a frame that could be readily adopted and metabolized by clinicians training in any theoretical orientation. The current project seeks to further elucidate the nature of each element of CALM-MO and to bring these threads together to develop a more nuanced understanding of each element and of how they interact. Through this process, the project aims to make the argument that CALM-MO represents a powerful integrative psychotherapeutic tool that is valuable not only for client well-being, but also for the training of beginning clinicians.



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