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Doctor of Audiology (AuD)


Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders


Ayasakanta Rout

Yingjiu Nie

Melissa Garber


The most recent data published in December 2019 records that approximately 736,900 registered cochlear implantation devices have been received since their approval in the 1980s. While 183,100 of these devices belong to U.S. Citizens, the large majority of cochlear implant recipients live in other countries (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2016). While a lack of standardized practices exists in relation to audiologic care and management of cochlear implant devices and patients, Browning et al. (2020) attempts to assess and analyze common practices amongst audiologists practicing within the United States of America. This survey uses a modified questionnaire based on Browning et al. (2020) as well as an international survey of clinical cochlear implantation practices by Vaerenberg et al., (2014) to further track similarities and differences among cochlear implant professionals in India to better understand the clinical practice of cochlear implantation worldwide.

Cochlear implant audiologists or other trained professionals involved in the cochlear implant fitting process may benefit from this research as it expands the knowledge of common cochlear implant fitting and follow-up practices in India and compares this data with what is known about similar clinical cochlear implant processes in the United States from a similar study by Browning et al. (2020).



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