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Deborah Kile

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Fall 2017

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Melody Eaton

Maria G. DeValpine

Rebecca Gilbert


This project was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of education on nurse-to-nurse incivility and use of cognitive rehearsal techniques on registered nurses' perception of their ability to recognize and confront incivility, along with resulting job satisfaction. Nurse-to-nurse incivility negatively affects nurses, organizations and patients. The Tri-Council for Nursing's proclamation calls nurses to recognize incivility and take steps to eliminate this in practice ("Tri-Council" 2017). A mixed method, quality improvement pilot study was conducted. Participants, (registered nurses employed in a Post-Anesthesia Care Unit in a community hospital in Virginia), received education on incivility and cognitive rehearsal techniques. Data was collected through online adapted surveys, the Nurse Incivility Scale (NIS) and the Nurse Interaction subscale of the NDNQI Adapted Index of Work Satisfaction, along with two open-ended questions. Mixed effects (quantitative) analysis and content (qualitative) analysis was conducted. Significance was found in two subscales. The remaining NIS subscale means and the NDNQI nurse interaction subscale decreased over time. Qualitative data supported these findings. The NDNQI Index of Work Satisfaction indicated a neutral effect on nurse job satisfaction. This intervention was found to be effective in increasing nurses' recognition of incivility and ability to confront this behavior. Findings also indicated perceived instances of incivility decreased over time. It is recommended that nurse leaders consider implementation of this intervention in their workplaces as a means for managing incivility.

Keywords: nurse incivility, lateral violence, workplace bullying, horizontal violence job satisfaction

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