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Catherine Hagan Aylor

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Erica Lewis


The Carilion Clinic Breast Diagnostic Center diagnoses approximately 250 women with breast cancer annually, all of whom are invited to attend the Carilion Clinic Breast Cancer Support Group (CCBCSG). The primary aim of this project was to evaluate if participants with more frequent attendance of CCBCSG had increased levels of preparation for decision-making (PDM) and higher satisfaction with breast cancer treatment decisions. A REDCap survey was emailed to 137 patients who participated in at least one CCBCSG within the past five years, with a 39.4% response rate. The survey assessed levels of patient PDM, patient satisfaction about treatment decisions, and asked the open-ended question, “What else would you like to share about your CCBCSG experience and treatment decision making?” Attendance for the CCBCSG was the independent variable with four levels: one meeting (27.8%), 2-5 meetings (24.1%), 6-10 meetings (20.4%) and 10+ meetings (27.8%). The non-parametric ANOVA test, Kruskal-Wallis, was used to test for differences in the PDM and patient satisfaction among the groups of participants, based on the number of support groups they attended. Descriptive analysis and testing of statistical assumptions were performed with all quantitative variables. Although the study demonstrated that though the PDMS scores were not statistically significantly different (p=0.0934) for the four attendance groups, trends demonstrated that those who attended the most meetings (>10) were more prepared for decision-making than any other group. Similarly, those who attended 10+ meetings were also statistically more likely to be satisfied with their experience (p=0.0290).

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