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Jeannie Corey

Monty Gross


Background: James Madison University and Cayman Islands Health Services Authority (HSA) entered into a collaborative agreement the summer of 2020. There was a lack of organizational structure surrounding implementation and systemization of evidence-based practice (EBP) models and a disconnect between nurse manager knowledge and EBP implementation within HSA.

Methods: The population for this evidence-based project was 21 HSA nurse managers from the inpatient setting. Pre-intervention survey results informed organizational readiness, nurse manager knowledge and ability to implement, and guided the intervention that included the creation and implementation of a website toolkit for EBP. An EBP model was selected for nursing. Post intervention survey results assessed intervention impact.

Interventions: The Johns Hopkins EBP Model was adopted for use at the Cayman HSA hospital. A virtual EBP educational session to Cayman nurse managers via Zoom (live) was presented and recorded, to allow for asynchronous participation in the intervention. Educational content included review of the EBP process, overview of the Johns Hopkins EBP model and introduction on how to use the model in practice, and a virtual tour of the newly developed CIHSA-JMU EBP website toolkit.

Results: Pre-intervention survey, using the Implementation Climate Scale (ICS) for nursing and Nurse Manager EBP Competency (NM-EBC) Scale, response rate was 38%. Post intervention survey, using the NM-EBC Scale, response rate was 14%. Serving as an organizational needs assessment, ICS for nursing results revealed the lowest scored area in staff rewards and compensation for EBP use. Two participants completed pre and post intervention surveys which allowed for comparison of the intervention’s impact. NM-EBC scale mean results remained the same pre and post intervention, with EBP knowledge rating slightly higher than EBP activity.

Conclusions: Pre and post intervention nurse manager self-assessment of knowledge and ability to implement EBP was strong, yet incongruent with leadership assessment. Low participation rates limited evaluation of intervention impact. Future projects with HSA should focus on creative and innovative strategies to facilitate staff engagement and participation. This project supported the HSA-JMU collaborative, a springboard for legacy projects. The newly developed EBP website toolkit offers nursing staff online resources to support EBP implementation and use.



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