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Linda J. Hulton

Sarah Hartigan


Aim: The primary aim of this project was to complete a program evaluation of the institution’s Violence Prevention Task Force. Evaluation allowed for assessment of outcomes including 1). decrease in assaultive incidents; 2). decrease in assaults leading to injury; 3). increase in team member reporting of assaultive incidents; and 4). demonstrate the program’s adherence to published guidelines on workplace violence prevention.

Background: Violence against healthcare workers has been an increasing problem in our nation’s healthcare system. Type II workplace violence is defined as patient, family member, or visitor as the perpetrator directing violent/aggressive behavior towards healthcare worker and is described as the “assailant being a customer or a patient of the workplace or employee” (Stephens, 2019). Healthcare workers, in general, are five times more likely to be victims of nonfatal assaults than any other profession (Strickler, 2018). Although statistics are alarming, rates of violence against healthcare workers is likely much higher due to underreporting. Institutions must identify causal factors and utilize governmental and national healthcare agency guidelines to implement successful prevention strategies.

Methods: Utilizing the PRECEDE/PROCEED Model, a program evaluation was completed on a healthcare institution’s Violence Prevention Task Force. This institution recognized specific issues and needs related to Type II workplace violence and implemented a task force to address the problem and causes. This evaluation of processes and outcomes allowed for a thorough description and demonstration of effectiveness and adherence to published guidelines on a workplace violence prevention program.



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