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E'Lexus King

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Summer 2016

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Educational Specialist (EdS)


Department of Graduate Psychology


Patricia Warner

Deborah Kipps-Vaughan

Ashton Trice


Disproportionality in special education and school discipline in the U.S. Education system has been a crucial and complex issue. Research has shown that evidence-based interventions that lie within the positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) framework has been effective in improving educational outcomes for all students. In this study, the author investigated the impact of the School-Wide Benchmarks of Quality, a PBIS fidelity measure, on student disciplinary outcomes. 380 schools presented four years of disciplinary outcome data. Results showed that the PBIS fidelity measure had a modest effect on the overall student disciplinary outcomes but did not address the disproportionate representation of African Americans. Observations of the effects of PBIS on African American student outcomes without the fidelity measure showed similar results. Per the results of this study, PBIS is an important strategy for reducing school disciplinary actions but has not address disproportionality in African American student disciplinary outcomes.