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Reneè Staton

Debbie Sturm

Joseph LeBlanc


Humor is a part of the human experience and allows us to connect with others. There are numerous psychological and psychological benefits from using humor such as it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and can alter dopamine and serotonin activity. Not only does humor benefit the individual but it also allows us to create connections and bond with others through laughter. The benefits of humor can also be seen in a counseling setting between counselor and client. Clinicians should assess for client presentation, developmental considerations and cultural considerations before deciding if humor should be brought into the counseling room. Specific humor interventions include mindfulness regarding humor, joy and playfulness, counselor directed, client directed and retrospective humor. It’s important to note that not all humor is appropriate and beneficial for the counseling environment. If used appropriately, humor can help enhance the therapeutic relationship and overall counseling experience for the client.

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