Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 4



Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 4

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00:00 Jerry Washington Ward introduces panel on critical theory; 09:55 Reggae music plays; 14:22 Joyce Ann Joyce speaks; 31:30 Aldon Lynn Nielson speaks; 56:00 Arnold Rampersad speaks; 1:20:35 Lorenzo Thomas speaks; 1:40:55 Ward opens panel for discussion; 1:41:12 Darrell Stover addresses panel; 1:44:25 Shahara Brookins Drew addresses panel; 1:48:20 D.J. Renegade addresses panel; 1:52:10 Mari Evans addresses panel; 1:53:35 Kalamu ya Salaam addresses panel; 1:56:32 unidentified speaker addresses panel; 1:59:00 Deborah E. McDowell addresses panel; 2:02:10 Ward closes out panel; 2:03:52 Joanne V. Gabbin speaks in follow up to Keynote Speeches; 2:08:45 Rita Dove speaks and reads; 2:50:25 Dolores Kendrick reads and introduces Gwendolyn Brooks; 2:55:15 Brooks speaks and reads, video cuts out while Brooks is reading


Furious Flower Poetry Center



Ward, Jerry Washington (speaker); Joyce, Joyce Ann (speaker); Nielson, Aldon Lynn (speaker); Rampersad, Arnold (speaker); Thomas, Lorenzo (speaker); Stover, Darrell (speaker); Drew, Shahara Brookins (speaker); D.J. Renegade (speaker); Evans, Mari (speaker); Salaam, Kalamu ya (speaker); McDowell, Deborah E. (speaker); Gabbin, Joanne V. (speaker); Dove, Rita (speaker); Brooks, Gwendolyn (speaker)

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Furious Flower 1994 Conference Supercut Part 4

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