Part 2: Utilizing the SOS climate model datasets



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This video provides an example of pedagogical practices with Science On a Sphere. This video is a recording of an actual interactive climate model lesson by Professor Kristen St. John with her upper division college science students. The video is interspersed with commentary regarding pedagogical practices that are applicable to SOS lessons at the middle and high school level as well as at the collegiate level.


28 minutes


This video includes:

a) Providing handouts with guided questions

Dataset Discussion: GFDL A1B Model -Temperature Change with Business as Usual

b) Orienting students to visualizations

Dataset Discussion: HAD A1B Model -Temperature Change with Business as Usual

Dataset Discussion: GFDL B1 Model -Temperature Change with a More Ecologically Friendly Scenario

Dataset Discussion: GFDL 3714 Model -Sea Ice Change

c) Viewing visualizations multiple times

Dataset Discussion: GFDL Model -Precipitation Anomalies

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