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Fall 2016

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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)


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Christine Fasching-Maphis

Linda Sobel


The Recovery Care Model is the recommended evidence-based model for delivering holistic, patient-centered care for mental health clients. The model is a more therapeutic approach than the traditional medical model and upholds the ideas that psychiatric clients are more than just their illness, should be respected as unique individuals, and provided with hope and empowerment in their care while being given the opportunity for informed and autonomous decision-making. Although research has shown support for the Recovery Care Model, its implementation has not been fully accomplished in all psychiatric facilities. Of all of the members of the health care team, nurses have the most extensive and prolonged interaction with clients and are strategically positioned to be at the forefront of this shift towards recovery-based services. The aim of this study was to discover whether the Recovery Care Model is being utilized fully in psychiatric nursing care in the Augusta/Rockingham/Staunton community in Virginia. Eight psychiatric nurses and fifteen psychiatric clients provided qualitative and quantitative input regarding the usage of the ten fundamentals of the Recovery Care Model in the acute psychiatric nursing care system via a Qualtrics survey. Of the ten fundamentals, there were three areas of care that were identified as needing improvement including; care that focuses on strengths, is respectful, and includes peer support. From this survey, it appears that the Recovery Care Model is not fully embraced and executed by psychiatric nurses. Education and change in the cultural mindset of psychiatric nurses can help aid in this transition.



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