Senior Honors Projects, 2020-current

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Bachelor of Music (BM)


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Casey R. Cangelosi

Andrew M. Connell

Eric R. Guinivan

Jeanette M. Zyko


The podcast, Detours in Music, aims to inspire, spark interest, and educate its audience of all ages and music levels about a life in music. Each episode includes an interview with someone involved in music at the professional level. The interviews focus on the person's story and the paths and detours their lives have taken them on, leading them to where they are today. The project has been well received, with episodes downloaded on four continents, and a consistent following of listeners. The podcast is intended to help its listeners connect with music faculty members at JMU, gain new perspectives on career paths, and to reflect on life’s unexpected detours. For example, nearly all people interviewed had either an entirely different major when they entered college or were double majoring with something else and music. The reflective essay describes the process of creating the podcast, and the evolution it has had so far.

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