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The further from 9/11, the more vivid its scares remain in the collective conscience. This seems to justify perhaps what has become a persistent state of a global war on terror. A war which in turn has given rise to a persistent surge of violent extremists with resolve for a perpetual state of global warfare. Consequently, now more than before, there is everywhere a shared sense of insecurity and a parallel awareness of vulnerable statehood and state capacity. I argue in this article that the current state of affairs has serious implications for statehood, state responsibility, state obligation and state duties in various forms and spheres of meaningful governance. I reassess how the principles of State responsibility and State duty can be meaningfully understood in light of current global security challenges to common notion of State monopoly to the use of force. I ask how culpability can be assessed and responsibility attributed to bring to end the scourges of terror by violent extremists. To that end, I explore practices, events, and cases to supply explanations and thus, lay conditions for accountability.

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