International Journal on Responsibility


Historically it is known that criminal offenses made by females are in lower level than the criminal offenses made by males. However, regardless of gender, it is important to note that for the perpetrators of criminal offenses have also been created the legal basis, and earlier has been used also the customary law, in order to sanction these criminal offenses. But, the main problem throughout the history of mankind has been that through the execution of these sanctions is the re-socialization of those persons achieved, especially for the females, as well as the issue of the physical aspect of the place, where the females should be held, in special prisons or together with other perpetrators of criminal offenses. When considering the penitentiary system in Kosovo, especially for the females, who are in one way or another in a position that has committed a crime and punished with sentence in prison, then from the moment of commencement of serving the sentence, they should be sent to a special prison for women in Kosovo, which is also known as the Lipjan Prison, which is located around 15 kilometers from the capital of Kosovo - Pristina. In this paper, we will try to elaborate the historical aspect of the development of the prison for women during the state-building of Kosovo, then the legal basis on which the sentence is served, and by not forgetting without studying and presenting most of the aspects, which are related to the functioning of the single prison for women during the state-building of the Republic of Kosovo.



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