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The purpose of the paper aims at informing the present situation of the music and art in Kosovo by highlighting relevant cultural related institutions which include music within and as a part of art. Initially, an explanation was provided in regard to what this paper consists of in its core, as well as through the chapters mentioned above. It provides the real situation of the art of music in Kosovo, as well as it provides explanation in regard to the institutions that deal with the management and administration of the art of Music. However, the nature of the art of music could be administered having in mind the fact that it is something that exists objectively, it lies in everyone’s feelings and it is ancient same as the human history. The art of music upholds the soul, feelings as well as the mind of every living entity. Based on this fact, it cannot become an object for management and administration because one has to perform it from within, and as a mean of the expression, it has the tone that is to be enjoyed through the perception of our fortitude. Mentioning the importance of the institutions in this case it is not as important when it comes to how to make this art controllable and discussible from something or someone, but through the strategies, projects and engagement of certain people within the institutions, who would give a push forward so that the music becomes more beneficial to us as individuals and society. Also, of a great importance is the connection and cooperation among many other necessary segments in this process. Suggestions and cooperation such should become more apparent and stronger due to the joint interest and purpose. Music as an art, should have its pace assisted through strategies and institutional policies, and conditions should be created as well as standards to give music its deserved status in the society. Music should be present in every step of the way of everyone’s lives and its existence should be appropriately treated, and as such it would have great impact in the education, social and artistic, human and civilization aspect.

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