International Journal on Responsibility


As music is expressed through tones, it is the task of every pianist to work in developing tones. Tone mastery is one of the main tasks of the piano technique, which is why it is the task of the pianist to master it since the tone is the main matter of music. The purpose of this paper is to present main tasks to be practiced during the piano music education, the importance of the proper hand position and the music talent level as a main factor in student’s tone development as well as observation on ways of receiving the tone from the piano keyboard. This purpose was achieved through analysis of important works and by the information provided by piano practitioners and pedagogues. Based on these analyses and information it results that a hand placed properly in the keyboard is a golden value for the student and for the pedagogue and the more developed the musical ear is, the easier is the learning process of tone assignments. During the first contact with the instrument young students have a tendency to hit the key. That is why we explain the ways of receiving the tone and use pedagogical methods of simplifying this phenomenon in students. The topic treated in this paper provides a theoretical information of a good treatment and development of piano tone during our pedagogical work with students in their process of musical pianistic increase and development. This paper consists of these parts: introduction, motif and objectives, work on a tone, talent – an important factor of the work on a tone, ways of receiving the tone and conclusion.



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