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Sunday, March 1st
12:00 AM

(Re)Examining the African Diaspora and Christianity

Christian Diaz-Ritz

12:00 AM

Only recently has Africana studies broken through the ceiling of the academic basement and garnered the attention deserved. “(Re)Examining the African Diaspora and Christianity”, rejects Occidental understandings and interpretations of African Traditional Religions (ATRs). For example, the “fact” ATR’s are polytheistic. The paper begins by setting the general context and events of the African Diaspora and Euro-Christian colonization efforts. Next, I focus in on the West African Yoruba tradition to demonstrate how and why ATRs have been able to remain vibrant even after 500 years of displacement. Then, I put to task the common academic notions of syncretism in order to determine if any such relationship exists between ATRs and Christianity. Following the discussion, I explore the Catholic colonies and Protestant colonies for permissive or restrictive environments and the impact on ATRs. I close the paper by briefly addressing the modern impacts and discussion of reparations.