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Master of Science (MS)


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Dr. Xunhua Wang


In public-key encryption, a long-term private key can be an easy target for hacking and deserves extra protection. One way to enhance its security is to share the long-term private key among multiple (say n) distributed servers; any threshold number (t, t ≤ n) of these servers are needed to collectively use the shared private key without reconstructing it. As a result, an attacker who has compromised less than t servers will still not be able to reconstruct the shared private key.

In this thesis, we studied threshold decryption schemes for lattice-based public-key en- cryption, which is one of the most promising post-quantum public-key encryption schemes. We developed threshold decryption schemes for Stinson’s, the standard NTRU, and NTRU with Ring Learning with Errors (R-LWE) cryptosystems. Prototype implementations were developed for validating the functionality of these threshold decryption schemes. Our de- signs achieve heuristic security, and its security is supported by mechanisms similar to that of R-LWE.



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