MECM SRPS #2 2017: Early Modern Islamicate Histories

This set of papers brings together research on the great Muslim empires of the early modern world. The studies by Rachel Barton and Dylan Russell were written in Dr. Timothy J. Fitzgerald’s “HIST 341: History of the Ottoman Empire” course during the spring of 2016. Connor Hamel’s paper was produced in Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi’s “HUM 252: Global South Asia” course in the fall of 2016. The authors were asked to set their work in conversation with current scholarship, use primary sources where possible, and consider global contexts and comparisons. The papers were accepted and revised after a blind review process, involving three faculty experts in each case.


Submissions from 2017


Significant Others: The Fashioning of Orientalism in the Travelogues of 18th-Century British Women, Rachel Barton


Safavid Trade During the 17th Century: Iran's Transit Economy, Connor J. Hamel


The Price Revolution in the Ottoman Context: Economic Upheaval in the Sixteenth Century, Dylan Lawrence Russell