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Creative Commons License
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Erika Kancler

Date of Graduation

Fall 12-14-2018


Objective: To assess the ability of the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) in comparison to the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) to detect signs of dementia in a diverse elderly population. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Searches were done in PubMed, utilizing the terms MMSE, RUDAS, and dementia. Results: Using the keywords mentioned on PubMed,two articles met the inclusion and exclusion criteria: Limpawattana et al and T. R. Nielsen et al. One other article was found by searching under the “Related Articles” section on PubMed: D. Basic et al. Conclusion: The RUDAS performs just as well as the MMSE for detecting dementia and is less affected by demographic variables such as education, language, and cultural background.

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