Effectiveness of the Mediterranean Diet and Lifetime Risk Reduction of Alzheimer Disease

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Emily Huesgen

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Dr. Abby Massey

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Fall 2018

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Objective: Determine if a significant clinical correlation exists between adherence to a Mediterranean Diet and decreased lifetime risk of Alzheimer disease in non-demented adults 60-80 years old. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Searches were done in PubMed using MESH terms cognitive decline, low fat diet, Mediterranean, and prevention; in PubMed the following limits and terms were applied: published in the last 12 years, humans, English; excluding meta-analyses and systematic reviews. Results: The systematic review yielded four studies: a randomized control trial completed by C. Valls-Pedret et al. (2015), two prospective cohort studies by C. Feart et al. (2009) and N. Scarmeas et al. (2006), and a cross-sectional observational study by R. Roberts et al. (2010). Conclusion: The studies evaluated by this paper find a significant correlation between a high-adherence to the entire Mediterranean Diet and decreased incidence of Alzheimer Disease and cognitive decline, though further research is recommended.

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