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Abby Massey, M.D.

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Objective: Assess the effect of yoga on levels of fatigue among women with breast cancer currently undergoing radiotherapy. Design: Systematic literature review. Methods: Searches were done on PubMed, utilizing the terms “yoga,” “fatigue,” “breast cancer,” and “radiotherapy.” Limits that led to inclusion of studies included: published after 2008, studies researching breast cancer, and studies that were randomized controlled trials. Results: Randomized controlled trials studied were by Chandwani et al. (2010), Chandwani et al. (2014), and Vadiraga et al. (2009). Conclusion: Yoga can improve quality of life among women with breast cancer undergoing radiotherapy, specifically by decreasing levels of fatigue. We recommend that yoga be implemented into treatment plans for women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer. Yoga is a cost-effective, safe, and gentle intervention.

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