For this study the researchers examined music teacher responses to survey items pertaining to their working conditions. Participants reported their satisfaction about factors related to music program funding, facilities, workload, professional development, and school culture. Responses were analyzed to detect possible differences in responses due to demographic factors of teachers, schools, and teaching assignments. Initial findings indicated that teachers were generally satisfied with their all aspects of their working conditions with the exception of professional development. A MANOVA was conducted to determine if there were any significant differences in responses based on participant demographics. While our study found no disparities in working conditions due to teacher factors, we did find a statistically significant link between the socioeconomic status of the school community and teacher perceptions of the funding, facilities, and culture within the school. This relationship was found to be moderated by the locale of the school, with greater differences in working conditions between low and high socioeconomically situated music programs in suburban and urban communities compared to their more rural peers. Open-ended responses from participants suggested that while disparities exist between music programs, teachers may judge their working conditions in comparison to their perceptions about other schools rather than the realities.



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