Music education majors across the United States (N = 1029) self-reported indicators of depression, anxiety, personality, and stress. According to the results, music education majors are highly busy, and report elevated levels of stress as compared to their peers. Semester enrollment averages include: 18.5 hours (including 0 credit courses) a semester, rehearsing an average of 9.08 hours a week, and a majority of whom work an average of 13-15 hours a week all while reporting high perceived stress levels. Furthermore, 74% of respondents required additional screening on the DSM-V for depression with over 70% exhibiting symptoms of moderate or severe depression; whereas, 84% of the respondents required additional screening for anxiety with over 74% showing signs of moderate and severe anxiety. Both series of results represent significant increases from the original study. The discussion provides possible explanations and suggestions for future considerations regarding music education majors and mental health.



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