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Efforts to improve employee health for cardiovascular and metabolic conditions: A systematic review of weight-management outcomes

Carolyn Faith Hoffman, Debora Goldberg, J. Mary Louise Pomeroy, Kathleen Butler, & Ali A. Weinstein

Impacts on The Quality of Life for Residents of Long-Term Care Facilities

Jade Craig & Christine Booker

Substance Abuse and Rapid Access to Firearm Among College Freshman

Bita Khoshhal, Samantha Karon, Matthew E. Rossheim, Pamela Trangenstein, Cara Frankenfeld, Niloofar Ramezani, Lawrence J. Cheskin, & Alison E. Cuellar

Addressing Child Abuse and Neglect: Empowering Medical Students to be Part of the Solution Through Clinical and Community Engagement

Angela Liu, Diana Tran, Sravya Uppalapati, Rachel Schendzielos, Erica Johnson, & Robin Foster

“I See Me” Reading Challenge: Spotlight on Diversity Literature

for Elementary School Students in Pulaski County, VA

Meagan Graham

Therapeutic Interventions to Improve Gross Motor Function in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy

Waverleigh Jenkins & Raihan Khan

People with active opioid use disorder as first responders to overdoses: Improving implementation intentions to administer naloxone

Franklin Edwards, Kimberly Horn, Sarah Henrickson Parker

Perceptions of Workers in the Fast-Food Industry: A Qualitative Study

Julia E. Inglis, Allyson Flinn, Renata Yassa, Giordana Morales-Spier, & Rebecca L. Brown



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