Democracy in Peril: Why do Central American Migrants seek Asylum in the United States?


he first session of "Democracy in Peril?" for Spring 2020 will take place this Thursday, February 20 from 5-6:30 in Madison Hall Conference Room (Room 1002) at JMU. The topic is "Why Do Central American Migrants Seek Asylum in the United States?"Since late 2018, migrant caravans have headed to the U.S. from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, driven north by violence and corruption at home. J. T. Way, a historian of Central America at Georgia State University, will discuss how criminal networks, fueled by a changing economy, have penetrated local Central American neighborhoods, contributing to the asylum cases in U.S. courts today. The author of two books on modern Guatemala, Dr. Way is now writing a book on the roots of the Central American migrant crisis. He served as the director of CIRMA (the Mesoamerican Research Center) in Antigua, Guatemala, and he currently provides expert testimony for asylum cases. An open discussion with audience members will follow the presentation.

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