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WAKE UP Cohort 2


WAKE UP-White Racial Identity Book Club

This book club is aimed at white people who are committed to developing strategies for interrupting racism as they examine their own identity and privilege. While the book club is intended for white people to do personal work without depending on People of Color for uncompensated service or labor, people of any racial identity who want to contribute to this discussion are welcome to join. It is critical that participants commit to attending all 8 meetings. We will have books available for participants to use. We will have two groups running this spring: one that meets Tuesdays at 9 am, and one that meets Wednesdays at 9 am starting January 28th and 29th. If you have questions, please email Jennifer Iwerks or Jennifer PeeksMease.

All faculty and staff are invited to join. If you are interested and committed to joining this group, please complete the RSVP form here.


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