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What is tOol Time? tOol Time is returning this summer! This live, virtual program is hosted by the JMU-OTCES team! Children will tune in two times a week to engage in various activities that are led by OTCES occupational therapy practitioners and graduate students. Each virtual meeting will be focused around a specific theme and will include a combination of activities that promote physical activity, fine motor development, visual motor integration, self-regulation, and "thinking" skills. Additionally, there will be a reflective component designed to help each child identify "tools" (strategies) that can be added to their personal "tool box" (journal) and incorporated into their daily lives. What are some of our goals with tOol Time?

  • To develop an awareness of different strategies for coping, self-regulation, routines, emotional wellbeing, etc and explore those that are more favorable for each child.
  • To develop skills that can be organically integrated into and complement each family’s daily routines
Program Information: Dates: Starting THURSDAY June 25, 2020 (runs for 4 weeks) Days: Tuesday and Thursday Times: 9:00am-9:40am - 3rd-5th grade; 10:00am-10:40am - Kindergarten-2nd grade (total 1 hr, 20 min/week, ~5.5 hours/full program; includes "tune-in/out" time) Cost: $50 Location: Google Hangouts Meet (information for access will be provided) # participants:2-6 per age group *additional groups for other ages (preschool, middle school, and high school) to be made available based on interest
Contact: If you are interested in joining the Summer 2020 session of tOol Time or would like to receive additional information regarding future tOol Time groups please fill out this tOol Time Interest Survey or email us at!


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