Furious Flower Children's Poetry Camp


Furious Flower's Virtual Creativity Camp! For over 15 years, the Furious Flower Poetry Center has offered our Children's Creativity Camp to the Harrisonburg community. This year, we are excited to bring our campers and our amazing workshop teachers together ONLINE! Furious Flower hosts its annual FREE Children's Creativity Camp so that kids all over the county can learn how to express themselves and explore their interests in a safe and fun environment. With camp switching to a virtual setting, we are excited to have a talented group of educators who will conduct online workshops from locations is Harrisonburg, Richmond, and even Kenya, East Africa. Mr. Mike Deaton will teach: ìRhythm and Resilienceî and ìNature as a Guideî Mrs. Celmali Jaime Okonji will teach: ìResilience, ResiliArt!î and ìSeeds of PoeTreeî Mrs. Kisha Hughes will teach: ìTend, Till: Your Own Businessî and ìTend, Till: Your Own Businessî This summerís theme is Bloom On! Dr. Joanne Gabbin, founder of the Furious Flower Poetry Center, and this summerís Camp Director, Talibah Aquil, wanted to highlight themes centered around Resilience and Growth during these difficult times. It is important for us to center the healing and resilience of our youth who too, are experiencing grief, fear, and confusion during this national moment of upheaval. Bloom On! celebrates the perseverance of our youth as well as honors the families that continue to plant and water this Blooming generation! Registration is now open for our FREE Virtual Creativity Camp. To register, visit our website at https://www.jmu.edu/furiousflower/creativitycamp/index.shtml Come and join us this summer as we Learn, Create and Bloom On!

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July 27-31, 2020


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Children/Youth, and Family; Arts and Culture

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Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



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