CSM Family Math Night at Rockingham and Harrisonburg City Public Schools


  • Family Math Nights in Rockingham County Public Elementary Schools - (Jenny Gibson and Rich Busi coordinate this partnership with the Math 108 instructors.) Our MATH 108 students led a math game in one of four RCPS elementary schools each semester during the year. This is a partnership between our department and Rockingham County Public Schools. This experience fosters an appreciation for mathematics among our pre-service teachers and the K-5 students with whom they interact. It is often the first mathematical interaction the pre-service teachers have with elementary school children. [This is both a community engagement and engaged learning activity.]
  • Family Math Nights (FMNs) in Harrisonburg City Public Elementary Schools – (John (Zig) Siegfried coordinates this partnership with the Math 207 instructors.) This is a partnership between the department (though Math 207 at JMU) and the six Harrisonburg City Elementary Schools. The JMU students in Math 207, along with the Math 207 instructors, host one FMN at each school each year. During the FMN, the JMU students run a mathematical game or activity for children and their parents to do together. These FMNs help our students think more carefully about the knowledge needed to teach elementary mathematics, and they help the elementary students (and their families) view mathematics as fun, enjoyable, and something that can also be done together outside the classroom. [This is both a community engagement and engaged learning activity.]


Involves Faculty, Involves Students, Involves Participants External to JMU






Recurring Event (Occurs on a regular basis but not continual)

Type of Partner

Public schools PK-12

Primary Focus of Program

Education PK-12

Areas of Engagement

Community Engagement, Engaged Learning



On/Off campus

Off campus

Academic Level of Engagement

Department, College

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