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Fall X-Labs Course covers Antiracism and General Education


Working in interdisciplinary teams, students and faculty in this JMU X-Labs/AAAD course will explore and reimagine JMU’s General Education curricula to include meaningful, transformative courses and learning opportunities focused on addressing the oppressive structures that create barriers to justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI). We will explore best theory and practice in antiracist and decolonial pedagogy, conduct interviews and focus groups with a broad range of constituencies, gain experience working in interdisciplinary teams while using a variety of innovation and design methods, and practice skills that enable effective responses to complex and pressing problems. Together, we will imagine and develop a prototype that could be brought to scale at JMU. At semester’s end, course participants will share their work with members of the university administration and faculty for potential future development and implementation.

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Fall 2021


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